WPP Energy At The Insiders’ Edition Participate In Private Investors Event In Singapore

The team at WPP Energy attended the Private Investors Event held in Singapore, The Insiders’ Edition, organised by W.B. Fleming, a leading private investors event organiser in Singapore.

WPP Energy, one of the top ICO projects in the world, was invited to speak at The Insiders’ Edition on the 27th of August to a group of family offices, accredited private investors, VC funds and crypto funds.

About 40 investors responded and attended this event.

More about WPP Energy…

WPP Energy has existing renewable energy projects with many governments from all over the world for up to a 35 year period. WPP’s contracts include Power Purchase Agreements converting  Municipal Solid Waste into electricity and other by-products that will be used by local markets.

WPP’s government projects will also include the future creation of entire green villages and cities to house up to 200,000 people, constructed in just two years as well as vertical agricultural greenhouse towers.

In the near future, WPP Energy will use its advanced technology to assist economically less developed nations to have new opportunities to solve their significant housing and energy issues. WPP is also donating a percentage of its profits from WPP token sales to facilitate more power production as a humanitarian aid to countries in need.

WPP’s 2 digital platforms

The first digital platform is a global green energy platform that will be deployed later this year to capture power production data from Green Energy producers around the world. The Green Energy Producers participating in the platform are ready to provide power at wholesale prices to those institutions and private consumers seeking clean power production around the world at reduced prices from traditional prices. WPP’s own global power production data will also be streamed into the platform.

The other is an exchange platform which will also be deployed later this year. This platform will combine various energy and crypto mining cryptocurrencies into a new exchange. This will increase liquidity for all participants in the platform by allowing the various currencies to trade against one another as well as energy.

WPP has forged long-term relationships with governments from different corners of the world and has established a credible record of providing green and affordable energy to these governments over the past decades.

WPP is in great financial standing with major projects on the order books worth $US 50 billion and as such, is able to continue to invest in R&D as well as project its technological capabilities into various parts of the global markets.

Since 15th July 2018, WPP has had commitments made worth $26 million out of a possible $50 million that they are looking to raise in Asia.

WPP’s pre-ITO sales will end on the 15th September 2018 and they are looking for accredited investors in Asia.


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