UTRUST Partners with Aidcoin to Help Crypto-Based Charity

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UTRUST is an up and coming payment processor that wants to make cryptocurrency go mainstream by making it less risky to use — not only for the merchant, but for the buyer as well. By implementing a policy of “buyer protection” they hope to help consumers avoid the day-to-day  price volatility of crypto markets when making a purchase.

From the perspective of UTRUST, risk is the primary point of friction among users and what ultimately is keeping cryptocurrencies from realizing their full potential as a borderless payment method.


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UTRUST Integrates Aidcoin

As a result, the startup also sees its solution to this problem as something that could, if executed correctly, become the catalyst to the very goal they desire — mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

Now, with the help of Aidcoin, UTRUST users will also be provided added value by enabling them to engage in charitable giving through their interface. Furthermore, users will be able to donate using any one of the 23 cryptocurrencies that have been integrated into the platform.

Indeed, with this new partnership users will have the ability to make instant, seamless and secure donations to any charity that has adopted the blockchain-based platform via its native chain, AidChain.

AidChain (aidchain)

The primary benefit users will receive from this partnership, outside the obvious convenience of being able to donate through the UTRUST platform, will be a higher degree of transparency that will give them a verifiable way of tracking how their donated money is being spent.


Nuno Correia, the CEO of UTRUST shared his thoughts about the partnership, saying he was proud to support transparent, charitable giving:

“UTRUST is proud to support such an amazing cause. Transparency, accountability and giving back to the community are a pillar of our team’s purpose and culture as well.”

Nuno Correia (LinkedIn)

Building the UTRUST Brand within the Crypto Community

The partnership with Aidcoin has only been the most recent example of UTRUST taking steps to advance its brand and promote its credibility among the crypto community. The startup has also worked with and established business relationships with a host of other companies in the crypto space.

In the last 12 months, UTRUST has forged relationships with some high profile names including Pundi X, Gambio GmbH, and UMT. In addition, they have also integrated Digibyte, a top ranking cryptocurrency, into their platform.

Gambio is Germany’s largest e-commerce solution, while UMT is the largest technology platform for Mobile Payment and Mobile Commerce in Europe. Arguably, given their already established markets, these two partnerships alone have already made UTRUST a leader in advancing mainstream cryptocurrency use.



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