Top 8 Blockchain Companies to Look Out For in August 2018

Every “Top 8, Top 10 Blockchain companies” List article that I’ve read that intends to share information about the top blockchain projects to keep an eye out for almost always includes Bitcoin and Ether.

In this list, you wouldn’t find any of those “run of the mill ” recommendations.

In fact, we want to dive in and come up with a new, refreshing list every month!

Here are 8 companies we have curated for this month of August!

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1. Gemstra

Gemstra, also known as Gemstra Foundation, is a blockchain-integrated ecosystem that democratizes and liberates social selling for the global retail economy.

In July 2017, they launched the first social selling marketplace; BOUTIQUES Marketplace.  In less than 10 months, this marketplace had added 8 brands, 3000 sellers and was on track to over $5 million in annualized sales volume.

2. Gamedex

Gamedex is your digital wallet, exchange, and game store, all in one. Gamedex runs on both desktops and smartphones. As such, users can collect digital cards and play exciting multiplayer games on Gamedex.

While Gamedex’s provisional chains allow for credit-card payments, in-store cash packs allow for adoption throughout the developing world and among people who may not have access to credit cards.

3. CarbonGrid Protocol

Carbon Grid Protocol (CGRID) is designed as a complementary protocol layer enabling blockchain networks and DApps to efficiently access carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. Carbon Grid seeks to tackle issues in the carbon market such as centralisation, the lack of transparency and accessibility. Their team consists of veterans in the energy sector, who are passionate about revolutionising the carbon market and beyond.

4. Õpet Foundation

Õpet Foundation’s platform is based on a unique blockchain solution and is driven by artificial intelligence, delivered via a chatbot user-interface. The main target audience for the project is high school students who are on the verge of making choices regarding tertiary education.

The Õpet Foundation also aims to create a future where tertiary and college applicants will only need to provide a unique hash key to the institutions they apply to.

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5. Fiii Pay

FiiiPAY is a payment app that aims to tackle a few issues that people may face. These issues include worrying about exchange rates, carrying large amounts of cash and finding different currencies for various situations.

FiiiPAY supports more than 1500 cryptocurrencies, integrates seamlessly with its popular Point-of-Sale device, FiiiPOS and is recognised all over the world.

6. QIQ

The QIQ project aims to innovate in shared mobility by providing Transport-as-a-Service and developing sustainable charging infrastructure globally.

QIQ’s vision is to accelerate adoption of sustainable shared transportation for congested, smart cities through the building of a blockchain ecosystem for users and supporters of green mobility.

QIQ’s mission is to “democratise” shared and green transport by giving people the ability to influence and contribute to shared transport development.

7. Notus Ecosystem

Notus Ecosystem is a blockchain based cost-free business infrastructure generated by green energy asset.

The revenue of the asset will not only pay for the operation and core marketing costs of Notus’ business infrastructure, but also provide sustainable value to Notus Coin, the utility token issued as the general currency in Notus Ecosystem.

8. Crowdvilla

Crowdvilla is a non-profit organisation based and regulated in Singapore which combines blockchain technology and real estate tokenization to provide attractive key features to its community and users. It aims to provide true sharing of its global portfolio of hotels and holiday properties on the blockchain.

Using blockchain technology to create an open and transparent way of recording digital assets, Crowdvilla aims to revolutionise the time-sharing model in real estate.

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