Top 7 Companies featured at the World Blockchain Conference 2018 held in Singapore on July 17 and 18, 2018

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On July 17 and 18, 2018, OkayKrypto’s media team attended the World Blockchain Conference and had the opportunity to interview several heads of Blockchain companies from different corners of the world. Together, we have compiled a list of the top 7 companies we interacted with at the World Blockchain Conference.

World Blockchain
Here are more details on the awesome companies we interviewed.


What is AChain?

AChain is a public blockchain platform that allows people to develop smart contracts, decentralised apps (dapps) and tokens as well.

Why AChain is better than its competitors…

AChain is similar to ethereum except it is faster, cheaper and scalable. AChain is focused on the tag and is not into marketing as compared to other companies.

AChain’s Target Audience

AChain does not have a fixed target audience so anyone can use them. The company is willing to let developers use their platform, especially technology companies.

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What is Aurora?

Aurora is a public blockchain platform that exists for all blockchain developers and blockchain project managers to interact with each other. On top of that, the platform allows people to issue their own smart contracts and offers a high-speed of TPS.

Why Aurora is better than its competitors…

Aurora is much faster compared to its competitors. By using Aurora, people can avoid the problem of congestion that they may encounter when using Ethereum. Aurora also offers complete support to people who want to issue their projects on their platform. Recently, there have been many loopholes and attacks by ERC20. Aurora protects and prevents attacks from ERC20.

Aurora’s Target Audience

Aurora’s platform is open globally for anyone and everyone to use. Aurora is also interested in working with any company from other industries that are looking to combine with Blockchain companies.

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What is Innovaminex?

Innovaminex is the first blockchain company in the world with a cryptocurrency (INX) based on gold and other precious metals from their mines. However, the relationship between gold and their cryptocurrency is not a linear relationship – if the value of gold drops, it does not mean that the value of their cryptocurrency drops as well.

This is because INX is supported by a big business that includes 7 gold mines, a refinery for working with other mines and an e-commerce platform. One of their partners is also the biggest crypto ATM company in Europe. This support gives confidence to Innovaminex’s investors.

Why Innovaminex is better than its competitors…

Innovaminex works differently compared to its competitors. On their e-commerce platform, Innovaminex is going to offer the purest quality of gold (99.9%), which has the highest purity in the world. Consumers will be given discounts when buying Innovaminex’s products with INX which has resulted in many individuals looking for INX.

Individuals who hold INX for 3 months in their cold wallets will receive 25% of the Innovaminex’s profit which will be distributed between them. As such, its investors should not sell INX so easily and more people should buy INX to enjoy discounts.

Innovaminex’s Target Audience

Innovaminex is open for all communities globally. In particular, Innovaminex is interested in doing business with small and big gold companies as well as governments. For big players in these sectors who buy big amounts of gold from their refinery, Innovaminex offers discounts with INX. Small investors are also invited if they would like to buy perhaps a gold ring as they can get discounts.

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Mamba Coin

What is Mamba Coin?

Mamba Coin is a platform where traders and investors can make agreements, like a risk swap agreement on BlockChain where traders can sell their profits by using their cryptocurrency coin and the users can just buy it.

Why Mamba Coin is better than its competitors…

For now, there are no other companies that allow traders to do this in the crypto world which makes Mamba Coin the first of its kind. This may be because there are some drawbacks like a lack of time and pricing for the investors. Mamba Coin helps to solve this problem.

Mamba Coin’s Target Audience

Mamba Coin’s target audience is everyone. Anyone who participates in crypto trading is a part of their target audience. And slowly, they will be expanding from Taiwanese to US or China markets in the future.

Mamba Coin’s Contact Information




What is MasterDAX?

MasterDAX is a China Binary Sale Technology company listed in Hong Kong which features 3 different types of services.

  1. Financial Technology

They have overseas bank licenses, brokerage licenses and insurance licenses that provide financial services for Chinese companies based overseas.

  1. Blockchain

This is a small blockchain mining service that they provide. Another service they provide is to help people build their own digital currency exchange.

  1. Investment

They invest in financial technology and also promote consumption upgrade which leads to more people contributing to a company’s revenue.

Why MasterDAX is better than its competitors…

MasterDAX is the first company to use a cloud model which uses digital asset exchange as a service to provide brokerage services with lower entry costs to help solve companies’ technical problems. Hence, it enables companies to set up their own digital currency exchange.

MasterDAX’s Target Audience

Thus far, MasterDAX has provided services to other blockchain companies in more than 30 countries around the world.

MasterDAX’s Contact Information


Email :


What is Shoppercoin?

Shoppercoin is a blockchain-based decentralised universal loyalty and reward platform which allows users to use Shoppercoin on retail platforms. Retailers can use Shoppercoin’s ecosystem and platform to create more traffic for their stores because users are awarded more coins for being in their stores. Coins on the Shoppercoin application can be used to purchase things from local retailers that use the Shoppercoin platform. Retailers are also able to send alerts to users in their area that certain items are on sale. Then, users will purchase those products with their fiat currency or coins.

Shoppercoin also offers services to create similar reward platforms specific to brands that want to use their own system instead of Shoppercoin.

Why Shoppercoin is better than its competitors…

Shoppercoin has already designed new features for their ecosystem that are not found in the ecosystems of their competitors. These new features will be released after the completion of their ICO (October).

Shoppercoin’s Target Audience

Shoppercoin’s main target audience is large retailers. On top of that, they will be targeting people from both local and global communities who can participate on their platform and in their ecosystem. As such, their target audience is not limited to any geographical location.

Shoppercoin’s Contact Information



Shoppercoin can also be contacted via other platforms and further details about their contact information can be found on their website.


What is Jenga?

Jenga helps companies with projects settle down in Singapore and also provides compliance consultancy services and ICO advisory services.

Why Jenga is better than its competitors…

All services provided by Jenga are in-house. Jenga is also a professional service provider.

Jenga’s Target Audience

Jenga is open to helping companies with projects.

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