Top 30 Blockchain Companies at the World Blockchain Summit (Singapore) 2018 – Part 3

Top 30 Blockchain Companies at the World Blockchain Summit (Singapore) 2018 – Part 3

On July 19, 2018, the World Blockchain Summit was held in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands. OkayKrypto’s media team attended the event as part of the event’s media coverage and had the priceless opportunity of interviewing the heads of many blockchain companies that came from the 5 major continents.

Here is our list of 10 interesting companies we interviewed. Part 3.


What is Efforce?

Efforce started out 8 years ago as an energy service company. After encountering what the difficulties in this market were, Efforce decided to implement blockchain in its day-to-day activities. As of last year, Efforce started a new project linked to energy efficiency which is what Efforce has been doing for the past 8 years. With the implementation of this new project, Efforce received significant positive feedback from its clients. Therefore, it decided to launch the project mainstream which is why Efforce has begun its ICO.

Why Efforce is better than its competitors…

At the moment, there are no other blockchain projects in energy efficiency. Many other blockchain projects are focusing on energy production but none are focusing on saving energy. Likewise, in the energy saving industry, no other company is utilising blockchain which leaves Efforce with no competitors.

Blockchain matches perfectly with what Efforce does as it analyses energy data, especially the savings data which gives Efforce’s services a lot of transparency across their pricing.

Efforce’s Target Market

Efforce started out with businesses being its target at first and businesses have enjoyed using their services for a year now. Currently, Efforce is opening up to retail customers who have started to use their services and they have been delighted with their energy efficient savings.

Furthermore, Efforce has started transposing their standard clients who were not using blockchain to their new platform and they are enjoying it which is why Efforce has made the decision to open up its platform to new markets, including the ones in Asia.

Efforce’s Contact Information



Efforce can also be contacted via other social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium and Reddit. Further details can be found on their website.


Star Bit Ex

What is Star Bit Ex?

They are from the first decentralized exchange in Asia. They are using the 0x Protocol which is the most promising protocol on Ethereum.

Why Star Bit Ex is better than other competitors…

Star Bit Ex is a fully decentralised exchange and their transaction mode is wallet to wallet. Unlike other decentralised exchanges, users do not have to keep their money in smart contracts. Star Bit Ex also issues their own smart contracts. On top of that, if their exchange is ever hacked, all digital assets in e-wallets will still be totally safe.

Star Bit Ex’s Target Audience

Star Bit Ex’s primary target audience will be in the Asia market. They are looking to perhaps expand into Australia, Europe and the US.

Star Bit Ex’s Contact Information




Game Protocol

What is Game Protocol?

Game Protocol has been involved in the gaming industry for 7 years. 4 years ago, they decided to move into the blockchain gaming space. At present, Game Protocol has the largest backgammon gaming community around the world. Last year, Game Protocol realised that many game developers were facing a lot of challenges including those under their company.

As such, Game Protocol came to the conclusion that they should use blockchain to build something that could solve the problems that their game developers were facing. Instead of just solving their game developers’ problems, Game Protocol recognised that it could solve the problems faced by other developers in the industry. And, that’s what they did.

Game Protocol is an ecosystem for games and game developers. Firstly, Game Protocol helps game developers, who have great ideas, stories, visions and characters but lack funding, to raise money. Game Protocol looked at a new way of financing that leverages the gaming community as gamers tend to have huge belief in the companies that develop the games they enjoy playing. Instead of game developers going to investors and VCs, Game Protocol has built a platform where game developers can issue their token and trade with the public by pitching them their idea.

After the game has been built, Game Protocol has created many tools that game developers can use to implement the new currency into their game. These tools are available on GitHub and on their website.

Game Protocol also provides a decentralised exchange where all the games on their platform are going to be listed. In this exchange, people will be able to buy and sell gaming tokens, depending on the market.

Why Game Protocol is better than its competitors…

Game Protocol’s main competition comes from traditional, mainstream businesses. The biggest competitors would be Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding platforms. Game Protocol is different from these crowdfunding platforms as on crowdfunding platforms, when one gives money to a game, they do not receive anything meaningful in return. At most, one would get a thank you note or a free version of the game. This, as a result, deters people from investing lots of money in a game.

In Game Protocol’s system, one can take ownership of the economy in the game. By investing money into a game, one can obtain tokens of the game which they can hold. If the game becomes successful, the value of the tokens may increase compared to what they were when one initially bought them.

Game Protocol’s Target Audience

Game Protocol’s main target market is game developers. Next year, Game Protocol’s primary focus would be on onboarding as many game developers as possible into their ecosystem. On top of that, Game Protocol is also targeting players of online games from all over the world to be part of their community.

Game Protocol’s Contact Information



Game Protocol can also be contacted via other social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Medium and Twitter. More details can be found directly on their website.



What is RockerCoin?

RockerCoin is working with Italian luxury goods as it is based in Italy. All luxury brands, small and big, are facing an issue at present – the issue of fake products and the complexity of managing cross-border commerce. RockerCoin is leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency to create an ecosystem to support small and medium sized luxury brands.

RockerCoin is using blockchain to build an anti-counterfeit system to fight against fake products by tracking the history of every product. Rockercoin is also building an ecommerce business in which one can pay using cryptocurrency to promote and sustain luxury goods.

Why RockerCoin is better than its competitors…

The main difference between RockerCoin and its competitors is that it uses a very simple approach. A record is kept of products from the manufacturer to the final customer to construct its full history. As such, every step is known; when the product was sold, when it was distributed, when it has passed the border etc. This increases the level of complexity to make a fake product because the history has to be built and stored. Therefore, Rockercoin is using the digital identity of products obtained through blockchain combined with tracking their history.

RockerCoin is also thinking about a new ecommerce that is for people who own cryptocurrency. The commercial propositions, the benefits and the loyalty programme have been designed for those who have cryptocurrency. As such, this business will be very crypto-friendly.

Rocker Coin’s Target Audience

RockerCoin is aiming to target more Asians as Asians are very good buyers of luxury goods. In particular, they are interested in doing business with customers from Singapore, Korea, China and Japan.

Rocker Coin’s Contact Information


Telegram: RockerCoin Official



What is Latium?

Latium is a blockchain micro-tasking platform. But in reality, Latium’s mission is to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency. There is a lot of complexity in the blockchain space and in using cryptocurrency. Latium has created a solution for everyday people to become cryptocurrency users immediately without having to overcome any technical hurdles. New users can hop onto the Latium platform and easily earn cryptocurrency by performing simple tasks.

Why Latium is better than its competitors…

Latium does not have any competitors within the blockchain space. There are other ICOs out there that have similar concepts but Latium is the only one in the market at present as it is the only one with a functioning product.

Latium’s Target Audience

Latium’s target audience is a whopping 99% of the world that does not use cryptocurrency. As such, this is a worldwide movement to educate the masses. The group of people who are involved in cryptocurrency is very small as cryptocurrency is seen as difficult and most people do not understand the jargon that accompanies cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Latium’s Contact Information



Sign up today on Latium’s website to get their token (LatX) for free!


What is MessengerBank?

MessengerBank is the first crypto-to-fiat conversion exchange in the world. MessengerBank also has the fastest, almost close to real-time transfer of money from crypto-to-fiat currency. It provides people who have cryptocurrencies of significant value to convert it to fiat.

Why MessengerBank is better than its competitors…

MessengerBank’s advantage is that it is the fastest platform. MessengerBank is outperforming companies like Mastercard, Visa and Bitcoin in terms of speeds of exchange.

MessengerBank’s Target Audience

MessengerBank’s target audience is worldwide. MessengerBank would like to build relationships on an ACH level with all countries in the world because MessengerBank would like to cooperate and team up with banks from all over the world.

MessengerBank’s Contact Information





What is Encrybit?

Encrybit is developing a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform that is user-friendly. Its trading platform has a social trading function. This function can be used by traders to share ideas within the community. Furthermore, Encrybit’s platform makes it easy for traders to research, analyse and trade.

Why Encrybit is better than its competitors…

Encrybit is working together with M Connect Solutions which has been in business for 9 years. M Connect Solutions has been providing services related to crypto, web-based software development, custom software development and banking software development for the market during this period. Encrybit’s team is also very knowledgeable about technical things. They also have a big research team. At present, their research team is working on different functionalities and providing the services.

They are unlike other exchanges as they can provide trading solutions and have a community.

Encrybit’s Target Audience

The main target audience for Encrybit is traders, day traders, fin-traders and institutional investors.

Encrybit’s Contact Information




SCALA Blockchain

What is SCALA Blockchain?

SCALA Blockchain provides consulting help for any blockchain-based company. This includes companies that want to create an ICO platform, a cryptocurrency exchange platform or a decentralised application (Dapp) and require a solution.

Why SCALA Blockchain is better than its competitors…

SCALA Blockchain does not really have any competitors yet as the blockchain industry is still upcoming. There are a few small service providers in the industry. As such, there are not many solution providers out there who really know what they are doing. Some companies provide a variety of many services and one of those services involves blockchain. However, there are not many companies who are specialised solely in blockchain like SCALA Blockchain.

SCALA Blockchain tries to understand projects to their maximum ability and keeps themselves updated about blockchain technology. They are also specialised in several platforms like Ethereum, HyperLedger, Corda, Nuo etc which enables them to help clients in the migration area when they feel that another platform may suit their business better.

SCALA Blockchain’s Target Audience

Anyone in the blockchain industry falls under SCALA Blockchain’s target audience.

SCALA Blockchain’s Contact Information




Holt Accelerator

What is Holt Accelerator?

Holt Accelerator is looking for the top fintech blockchain companies from around the world to invest in. Holt Accelerator is able to provide companies with up to $125,000 and can also support companies with their AI lab to help companies with building their products. They can also help companies to close deals with financial institutions.

Why Holt Accelerator is better than its competitors…

Holt Accelerator is backed by Holdun, which is a 5th generation family business based in Canada. They have been in business for over a century and have a huge network. Moreover, Holt Accelerator has an AI lab associated with them which is attached in Montreal, one of the hotbeds for deep learning. In fact, Montreal was where deep learning was created (part of AI). They have a wealth of advisors in their network who are extremely fintech-focused.

Holt Accelerator’s Target Audience

The primary target audience for Holt Accelerator is fintech start-ups, like anyone who is a pre-seat or seat stage company. This includes start-ups who have an idea and have written a paper out it and whose idea has been validated by potential customers who have expressed interest in their idea, which would be a start-up in the early stage. This also includes start-ups in the market who have a product that is working and selling but are looking for growth levers to help them sell more.

Holt Accelerator is also interested in investors and financial institutions.

Holt Fintech Accelerator’s Contact Information




Truth Data Cloud

What is Truth Data Cloud?

Truth Data Cloud is a company that was created as a response to the issue of the abuse of data in the online economy. Because of the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence, people now have the ability to monetise their data. Using Truth Data Cloud, one can leverage on their browsing data by trading it with advertisers and interested parties who will reward them with Truth tokens. These Truth tokens can be cashed in for more rewards, discounts or fiat. As such, it is essentially turning the Facebook and Google economy on its heads and empowering millennials.

Truth Data Cloud has split the way people file their data into 3 core areas. One aspect is a secure, safe data storage. The second is a licensing platform that allows users to pick and choose what elements of data they would like to sell. For example if a person is happy to share and sell their location data between Mondays to Fridays but does not want to share their location data during the weekends, they can do so. This applies to other forms of data like browsing history as well. The third is a transparent exchange layer which shows users where their data has been sold to, who it has been sold to and the price that it has been sold for.

On top of that, once consumers have their data, Truth Data Cloud can put an intelligence platform onto the data to make recommendations so that when one starts to look for a holiday online, the AI device that works alongside their data will start to recognise their patterns and make suggestions related to what they want. This also helps advertisers to provide users with more relevant offers rather than giving users a wide breadth of offers.

Why Truth Data Cloud is better than its competitors…

Truth Data Cloud has an outstanding leadership team. CEO Mary Keane-Dawson has been in this business for 31 years and she has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. This has given her a good understanding about consumers and the problems they face as well as advertisers and the problems they face.

Truth Data Cloud allows users to leverage on the content they create just with their mobile devices by getting paid for it directly rather than letting third parties earn money using their data, therefore, empowering its users. Since Truth Data Cloud allows people to choose who they sell their data to, one is able to avoid selling their data to for example, someone who is damaging our environment.

Truth Data Cloud’s Target Audience

Tech-savvy millennials make up Truth Data Cloud’s primary market. They also hope that millennials will inform the baby boomer generation about the value of Truth Data Cloud so that they can become empowered users of the Internet as well.

Truth Data Cloud’s Contact Information



Truth Data Cloud can also be contacted via other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn. More details can be found directly on their website.


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