Top 30 Blockchain Companies at the World Blockchain Summit (Singapore) 2018 – Part 2

Top 30 Blockchain Companies at the World Blockchain Summit (Singapore) 2018 – Part 2

On July 19, 2018, the World Blockchain Summit was held in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands. OkayKrypto’s media team attended the event as part of the event’s media coverage and had the priceless opportunity of interviewing the heads of many blockchain companies that came from the 5 major continents.

Here is our list of 10 interesting companies we interviewed. Part 2.



What is Clarity?

Clarity is developing a platform for small business owners. Small business owners around the world suffer from 3 major challenges.

The first big issue that they suffer from is a lack of cash. As growing businesses that consume cash, it is extremely difficult for them to get cash from reserves and as such, they need access to outside funding from bankers and investors and it is very tricky in the current economic environment for small businesses to get that access to cash.

The second big issue that they face is related to their finances. Small business owners are very good and creative at getting and keeping customers. However, at times, understanding financial data or even getting financial data proves tough for them. As a result, understanding how to make good decisions based on financial data becomes an uphill task.

The third challenge that they encounter is that small businesses lack the governance of larger organisations when it comes to strategic and/or financial planning.

Clarity is designed to overcome these 3 major issues. Clarity is building a platform where all of a business’ financial and non-financial data can be stored in the same, secure environment. This platform uses the power of blockchain technology to be able to give third party verification to that data. As such, business owners can store all their financial accounts in one data room and in another data room, they can store non-financial data like staff contracts, insurance agreements, loan agreements as well as any intangible business asset.

By completing each section of the data room, small businesses will have a complete business development program. Clarity hopes to connect small business owners with institutional investors and lenders so that they can understand the power of the information stored in the data rooms and provide informed advice about lending.

Why Clarity is better than its competitors…

At the moment, Clarity does not have any competitors. There are many companies doing data analysis and there are several others who are doing online storage in data rooms. However, there are no companies doing them together while using the power of blockchain.

Clarity’s Target Audience

Clarity’s platform targets small businesses of any size. There are 168 million small businesses all over the world which makes it a huge target. Clarity is also targeting institutional investors and lenders to become users of their platform.

Clarity’s Contact Information



Clarity can also be contacted via social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Telegram as well. More details can be obtained from their website.



What is KitToken?

KitToken is a Singapore-registered company that offers a utility token. KitToken aims to help foreign workers in Malaysia transfer money to their homes which could be in countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Afghanistan. The rates offered are cheaper compared to normal, conventional banks and PayPal. KitToken has a platform called KitPay which is a payment gateway like an e-wallet. Tokens bought can be left in an e-wallet in hopes that the value of the tokens will go up to make profit. This profit can be sent back home as well.

KitToken will be creating merchants who accept KitTokens as a way of payment to encourage users to try their tokens which will be accompanied by discounts.

Why KitToken is better than its competitors…

KitToken provides cheaper platform to transfer protocol to achieve the transfer of payments from one person to another. They also aims to build a decentralized platform for achieving faster and quicker transactions across the borders.

KitToken’s Target Audience

Foreign workers working in Malaysia make up KitToken’s primary target audience. On top of that, KitToken is also targeting normal people who purchase from supermarkets daily.

KitToken’s Contact Information





What is Coinexis?

Coinexis converts everyday coins into digital assets. Coinexis is able to process 10 different currencies in a single transaction. They are, therefore, able to convert currencies into USD which are then, converted into their token – the COX token. Using COX tokens, one can buy other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Litecoin, Ripple etc or even optimised vouchers. For example, if one were to deposit a hundred dollars, they would be able to buy a Starbucks voucher worth a hundred and twenty dollars. This gives users a reason to use Coinexis and is what an optimised voucher is. Moreover, this can also help to free up a lot of physical space.

Coinexis’ system is easy to use and starts individuals on the road to crypto at a low entry level – people can just start with their loose change!

Why Coinexis is better than its competitors…

Coinexis stands out because it is not like most ICOs. Currently, most ICOs are working off of a Whitepaper. They have an idea and they want to raise money to fulfill that. Coinexis, which started out in 2015, is a self-funded company – the founders invested $600,000 of their own money and then, developed their product. As such, the building of all of Coinexis’ technology with blockchain has been completed. The purpose of their fundraising at present for their ICO is to market capitalisation and growth.

Coinexis’ Target Market

Anybody. Coinexis’ motto is “Now Everyone Can Crypto”. The idea behind their motto is that Coinexis is bringing in people to the crypto world in a unique way.

Coinexis’ Contact Details



Telegram: @Coinexis

YouTube: Coinexis Official



What is Kynson?

The concept behind Kynson is that it wants to define the new fitness ecology and ecosystem. Kynson used to be one of the biggest gym equipment manufacturers based in Australia. Its concept is to promote an online cloud platform that has a training system that solves the problem of its community members and users feeling nervousness of going to a gym to perform exercises. The system provides rewards to the users and with these rewards, users can earn more training programs and can buy supplements for their health. There is also a tracking system that records each and everyone’s performance, health data as well as opportunities that users can explore with other members. This helps with training and can be beneficial for team sports as the data can show each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

Why Kynson is better than its competitors…

Kynson has a large community of members – the gym franchise, the users and the purchasers. This enables Kynson to have a very good liquidity which helps them to attract more investors. Our programmes are allied with many other competitions so Kynson’s tokens are applicable to enter those competitions. As such, their tokens are not just used to purchase programmes, they can also be used to provide services.  

Kynson’s Target Audience

Gym enthusiasts and people who desire to have a customised training programme for themselves with guidance make up Kynson’s target audience. The age group may range from teenagers to people in their 50s to 60s.

Kynson’s Contact Information





What is Coinut?

Coinut is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Singapore. Compared to some of the big players in the market at present, Coinut is one of only a few exchange platforms that allows users to trade fiat currency like SGD and USD on it.

For Singaporean users, this is very easy as they will not need to use Xfers and they can use direct banking means like iBanking money into their accounts. As such, the process is simpler and faster and on Coinut’s side, transactions will usually be processed within a few hours.

Why Coinut is better than its competitors…

One of Coinut’s unique selling points is that it allows for fiat currency exchange. Coinut also allows trading to occur only with most major cryptocurrencies which helps to ensure security.

Coinut also offers the lowest fee rate. If users are trading via fiat currency, Coinut’s fee rate is only 0.2%. If users are trading crypto-to-crypto, Coinut’s fee rate is only 0.1%. Moreover, only takers are charged. Market makers are not charged on Coinut’s platform.

In terms of security, withdrawals on Coinut are semi-manually processed. As such, Coinut has attempted to minimise attacks that may compromise its security.

Coinut’s Target Audience

Coinut is targeting the Singaporean market as well as the Malaysian market. Coinut is looking to expand into Malaysia and work surrounding this expansion is ongoing. Malaysian consumers should be able to use Coinut by September. On top of that, Coinut is also keen on expanding to Switzerland and Canada.

Coinut’s Contact Information




RealEstate Doc

What is RealEstate Doc?

RealEstate Doc is a B2B commercial real estate software that allows for commercial retail and commercial real estate companies to run digital contracts and move their businesses onto blockchain.

Why RealEstate Doc is better than its competitors…

RealEstate Doc has managed to carve itself a niche in the market. The best way to describe RealEstate Doc is that it is a front-end layer on top of the big real estate systems that helps real estate companies to do digital contracts, collect that information and automate their processes. This removes the tedium of administration and allows companies to transact a lot easier through their platform. Using that information, RealEstate Doc is able to allow companies to download through the larger accounting systems that many real estate companies have.  

RealEstate Doc Target Audience

The main target audience for RealEstate Doc would be real estate management companies as well as retail management firms in Singapore that need a state-of-the-art software that would be able to help them better manage their business to be able to provide a certain level of encryption and security on their contracts. RealEstate Doc is also interested in expanding into Malaysia, Thailand and several other parts of Southeast Asia.

RealEstate Doc Contact Information





What is CriptoHub?

CriptoHub is a new cryptocurrency exchange platform for the Brazilian market. On this platform, users in Brazil can engage in fiat-to-crypto trading. Furthermore, users are able to deposit into their accounts so that they can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Why CriptoHub is better than its competitors…

Last year, CriptoHub noticed that there was a trend – the Brazilian market had much higher fees in comparison to international exchanges. On top of that, there was not much variety. Users in Brazil could only purchase 2 or 3 different types of cryptocurrencies and it would take them 20 days just to buy Bitcoin because of the poor customer support.

As such, the founders of CriptoHub thought that they could bring a better solution to Brazil – a better platform with lower fees as well as more cryptocurrency options with better customer support for the users.

CriptoHub’s Target Audience

Brazilians are CriptoHub’s primary target market for its first year. Following that, CriptoHub is seeking to expand into Europe and Argentina. For crypto-to-crypto trading, CriptoHub accepts international users.

CriptoHub’s Contact Information




What is Remme?

Remme is a company that does password authentication on blockchain. Instead of traditional passwords and logins, Remme uses certificates in browsers which works like a digital passport. For example, when users want to use their favourite exchange, all they would need to do is to press one button for logging in. This is 99% more secure than any traditional means of login.

Why Remme is better than its competitors…

Usually, other companies tend to use very complex solutions that will affect user-friendly algorithms which will mean that companies will need to take additional steps to beef up security.

Remme’s solution is much more simple compared to all their competitors as one will only need to do 2 steps for verification compared to traditional means which usually involve proof of IP address, email address, login passwords, other data or any other type of 2FA (two factor authentication).

On top of that Remme’s solution is more secure. The price is also fixed in fiat currency unlike that of other blockchain companies. It costs $1 USD for one certificate. Prices for other companies may be volatile and could change daily unlike the pricing of Remme.

Remme’s Target Audience

Remme’s target audience is enterprises’ software developers who build internal systems for access management, crypto space critical infrastructure companies, banks and financial companies.

Remme’s Contact Information





What is Drivezy?

Drivezy is a peer-to-peer car rental service based in India. Drivezy has been in business since 2015. In 2017, Drivezy figured that peer-to-peer car rental service was quite a difficult business idea as only 7.7% of the population in India owns cars. While there was a lot of demand for rental cars, there were very few people who had the cars to meet that demand.

In November 2017, Drivezy came up with the concept of RentalCoins. RentalCoins 1.0 was an asset-paired security token. Drivezy raised funds in Ethereum and, in return, they gave RentalCoin 1.0 tokens to investors which entitled them to a certain share of dividends which were generated by the cars on the Drivezy platform. The funds raised in Ethereum were used to purchase cars and investors receive monthly returns from that.

Why Drivezy is better than its competitors…

Drivezy is already the biggest peer-to-peer rental firm in India. On top of that, Drivezy is trying to address a problem that is affecting all developing countries in the world at present in terms of mobility. In India, the average person makes a mere $500 per month which makes it very difficult for them to afford a car. This situation is further complicated as Indian citizens are not seen as credit-worthy and banks refuse to provide car loans to people, while also charging 12%-15% in interest.

RentalCoins allows people to pool in their money and also take out the middlemen like banks who charge high rates of interest. Drivezy also subsidises the price of rentals for its customers so much so that Drivezy’s rentals are 15%-20% cheaper than its closest competitors and are the cheapest rentals one can find in India. The reason for the cheapest prices in India is because blockchain enables Drivezy to take out middlemen.

Drivezy’s Target Audience

Millennials in the age group of 18-30 make up Drivezy’s primary target market as they are usually the people who are hopping cities in the quest for new job opportunities or they are studying and cannot afford their own car. This group tends to be very tech-savvy and can use applications easily.

With time, Drivezy also expects to target a more mature audience which would make up people from the age group of 30-45.

Drivezy’s Contact Details




What is Silent?

Silent is an established Swiss-based company which uses methanol as an energy carrier. With this ICO, Silent wants to make methanol synthetically. Silent takes carbon dioxide from the air and uses surplus energy to make methanol. This ICO gives everyone an opportunity to participate in reducing greenhouse gases to slow down global warming. The tokens used by Silent are security tokens – the value will not increase or decrease.

Why Silent is better than its competitors…

Silent is actively creating a future whereby storing and using energy will become easy, efficient and environment-friendly.

Silent’s Target Audience

The main target audience for Silent would be investors from all over the world, especially investors from the fiat world because this project is not difficult to understand.

Silent’s Contact Information




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