Top 30 Blockchain Companies at the World Blockchain Summit (Singapore) 2018 – Part 1

Top 30 Blockchain Companies at the World Blockchain Summit (Singapore) 2018 – Part 1

part 1 of WBS

On July 19, 2018, the World Blockchain Summit was held in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands. OkayKrypto’s media team attended the event as part of the event’s media coverage and had the priceless opportunity of interviewing the heads of many blockchain companies that came from the 5 major continents.

Here is our list of 10 interesting companies we interviewed.


Ryu Coin

What is Ryu Coin?

Ryu Coin is developing a blockchain based platform that will allow users to play online video games that allows them to bet on themselves when competing against others in a wide variety of games. For example, players are able to put 5 Ryu coin on themselves and whoever wins the duel, wins 10 Ryu coin minus a 10% fee.

Why Ryu Coin is better than its competitors…

Ryu Coin’s code is embedded into the video game itself which is how their smart contract knows who to pay so they are working with game developers directly to put their Application Programming Interface (API) into the game.

Ryu Coin’s Target Audience

Ryu Coin’s target audience is everyday gamers. Their primary target market is video game players. They aim to bring blockchain to every user without them knowing that their game is powered by blockchain.

Ryu Coin’s Contact Information





What is Z-POP DREAM?

Z-POP Dream is a project based in Korea. Their niche is entertainment and they create global stars. They have been in business for many years. Their aim is to create star creation systems for different parts of the world, and not just Korea. During the process of creating stars, a blockchain based, game-like voting power system will be used. Users can, therefore, become a big part of the process of creating stars.

Why Z-POP DREAM is better than its competitors…

The founders of Z-POP DREAM have created many huge K-POP stars like Girls Generation and BTS. The professional team in Z-POP DREAM has created many stars and they have a strong entertainment team and have a lot of technical experience, especially in gaming areas.

Z-POP DREAM’s Target Audience

Z-POP DREAM’s target audience is mainly everyone but their primary target audience is K-POP fans.

Z-POP DREAM’s Contact Information





What is Sgame?

Sgame is a Switzerland based company that combines blockchain with gaming. The company has built a game site creator that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by playing mobile games. They are endorsed by Pewdiepie, the #1 YouTuber in the world who has 63 million subscribers.

Why Sgame is better than its competitors…

There are hundreds of projects that integrate blockchain with gaming as gaming is a huge industry. Users are not forced to buy tokens. Instead, Sgame rewards users with their tokens. The users that have these tokens can challenge each other and redeem rewards on platforms like Spotify and Netflix.

Sgame’s Target Audience

Sgame mainly targets people who are in the 15 to 25 years old age range. This includes gamers and non-gamers worldwide because they have very casual as well as professional games.

Sgame’s Contact Information



What is is a cryptocurrency exchange, that exchanges coins to tokens. aims to provide liquidity to token holders. They are based in Paris and are regulated by the EU. Since 2011, they have been a Bitcoin-to-Euro exchange and they have been hack-free since 2013. They also have close to 200,000 users.

Why is better than its competitors… is extremely technical and they have existed a long time in a relatively young industry. They specialise in centralised and decentralised settlements. Traditionally, in an exchange, there will be order books where people will place their orders to buy and sell tokens which will lead to the movement of BitCoin or Ethereum. This could be done through an escrow account, which is a dedicated account in an exchange which is also very frequently used in normal stock exchanges. This process is done in the crypto world at present by In decentralised settlements, people trade on the platform and things are settled directly between parties. There is a technology on Bitcoin called the Lightning Protocol that avoids hacking, having to deal with a middle man and the counterpart risks of an exchange.’s Target Audience

Their main target audience is good project holders in Asia but also people who are in involved in this ecosystem and environment. Contact Information




The ACO Platform

What is The ACO Platform?

ACO Platform is a credit point operator. They are creating an ACO (Accredited Coin Offering) platform which will allow ICOs to redeem credit which is similar to the functions of organisations involved in banking, underwriting and insurance. This ACO platform can help to reduce the risk for both token issuers and investors via accreditation which ensures successful fundraising.

Why ACO Platform is better than its competitors…

The concept behind ACO Platform makes it a pioneer in this industry and as such, it does not have any competitors yet. Moreover, ACO Bank’s concept is difficult to execute. The current ICO environment carries high risks for investors and issuers, which makes achieving success tougher, and investors and issuers have limited guidance to rely on. ACO Platform helps to increase reliability within this industry. Some of the difficulties faced at present include the absence of standards to follow and a lack of authoritative and reliable sources of information to inform investors about the ICO project they should invest in.

ACO Platform’s Target Audience

Any ICO or organisation willing to cooperate with ACO Plaform would be part of their target market. Since ACO Platform is in the process of fund-raising, it is looking for investors at present for it’s ICO’s token release.

ACO Platform’s Contact Information


E-mail:, (Investors)

ACO Platform also has other social media channels through which you can connect with them. These include Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Medium.


What is BitHub.Africa?

BitHub.Africa is a blockchain accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya. For the past 3 years, BitHub.Africa has been travelling across Africa to inform people about blockchain and cryptocurrency. At present, they are incubating two projects.

One project is called BitMari. BitMari is a remittance company for people from Zimbabwe who live in the UK and US to send money home using cryptocurrency.

The second project is called MelaninSolar. This project is attempting to come up with an off-grid solar solution where people mine cryptocurrencies using solar energy which turns free sun energy into cryptocurrencies, thereby, creating opportunities for income.

Why BitHub.Africa is better than its competitors…

BitHub.Africa believes that the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is not really about competition – the only thing that has competitiveness in this industry is increasing user adoption.  As such, it is easy to observe people in cryptocurrency working together, utilising more of a collaboration model.

Traditional financial systems and traditional energy systems are big monopolies that everyone in cryptocurrency is trying to compete with. BitHub.Africa’s project BitMari is cheaper compared to banks like Western Union when it comes to money transfer to Zimbabwe.

BitHub.Africa’s Target Audience

In terms of blockchain education, BitHub.Africa’s target audience is the masses. Anyone who is technically-savvy and able to use Facebook and understand cryptocurrency would fall under this category.

For the MelaninSolar project, BitHub.Africa is targetting farmers across Africa as the project is creating a new way of income for these farmers.

BitHub.Africa’s Contact Information


Website for BitMari:

Website for MelaninSolar:


E-mail for BitMari:

Telegram: BitHub Africa

BitHub.Africa can also be contacted on other social media platforms. More details can be obtained directly from their website.



What is Discoperi?

Discoperi is developing blockchain for road safety and for preventing road accidents. Thus, Discoperi has developed its own device and AI protocols which altogether can save a lot of lives. They also have another product that enables drivers to get access to their automotive data which is something traditional motor companies usually keep private. This also allows drivers to sell this data on the market.

Why Discoperi is better than its competitors…

Discoperi’s company philosophy helps them to stand out compared to their competitors. Discoperi believes that the technology they have developed can empower drivers so that they can protect themselves and their families. On top of that, drivers can sell their data to get extra revenue in order to improve their lives. They also believe that this can solve many problems, the main one being road accidents. Other problems include dealing with stolen cars, improving the quality of roads etc. This can be done as Discoperi connects vehicles onto a single network (V2V) and they are able to identify the behaviour of the drivers which can help to save many lives.

Discoperi Target Audience

Discoperi’s primary target audience is regular car drivers who drive more than 3 hours a day in large cities who have the need to be a in a more secure environment. These could be drivers with kids or even drivers who have been previously involved in accidents.

Discoperi’s secondary target audience is insurance companies since they work with data.

Discoperi Contact Information





What is Bitlish?

Bitlish is an e-wallet, cryptocurrency exchange. Bitlish allows for clients to exchange cryptocurrencies on its wallets. The facilities it offers include the ability to exchange crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, fiat-to-crypto and to cash out into one’s own accounts so one is able to take their tangible money out after they are done with their deal.

Why Bitlish is better than its competitors…

Bitlish believes that every competitor has its own differentiator that makes them stand out. Bitlish prides itself on some key aspects in terms of why it is different; it offers the lowest market rates, is customer-oriented and it provides a very strong AML/KYC compliance as well as 24/7 support.

Bitlish also has over a million users and of those, 500,000 are active users.

Bitlish’s Target Audience

Anyone. Bitlish is involved in B2B business and B2C business. Any individual and any big corporation can also register on its portal and start trading.

Bitlish’s Contact Information



Bitlish’s application can be easily downloaded from the Google Playstore and AppStore as well.



What is CGCX?

CGCX is Singapore’s first insured hybrid crypto platform. All the assets in the exchange are insured by insurance companies. The types of facilities offered include crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading.

Why CGCX is better than its competitors…

There are hundreds of exchanges out there and only 5% offer crypto-to-fiat trading. CGCX has a highly reputed team supporting it who are proven in the trade-finance sectors which makes their expertise and value an added advantage. CGCX is also the first insured exchange which provides more security. If clients were to place their tokens in CGCX’s wallets, which is insured by an insurance company against hacking, it would be a safer option compared to CGCX’s competitors.

CGCX’s Target Audience

Currently CGCX’s market spans Singapore, Japan, Korea and Malaysia which leads to their target audience being mostly Asian.

CGCX’s Contact Information





What is Kanaxis?

Kanaxis is a software development company that aims to educate their customers about what blockchain really is, while removing confusion and the false beliefs people have about blockchain. Blockchain is a ledger framework and a decentralised distributed framework.

Kanaxis provides solutions to their clients to show them how they can use decentralised, distributed networks which are ledger systems that increase transparency to improve their businesses. If clients are satisfied with the solution provided by Kanaxis, they will partner those clients to build them a solution based on blockchain technology.

Kanaxis capitalises on existing and already tested frameworks like Ethereum, Stellar, Multichain and Neo who are providing an open source framework network platform to start building their solutions in the form of decentralised apps (dapps) for clients from.

Why Kanaxis is better than its competitors…

Kanaxis develops a solution for its clients and implements that solution to test out how it works so that clients can know how it functions before getting them to sign a contract with them. The development of the solution is done free-of-charge and clients are aided in their understanding of the new ecosystem by Kanaxis.

Kanaxis’ Target Audience

Rather than targeting a group of people, Kanaxis is targeting a problem. Once the problem has been identified and understood, Kanaxis is able to create a technical solution for that problem.

Kanaxis’ Contact Information




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