Top 10 Companies That Private Investors Should Look Out For In October 2018!

There’s a saying that “The middle class invests in properties for wealth creation and the super rich invest in private equity in growth companies for wealth creation and expansion.”

Here is a showcase of the 10 fast growing companies that private equity investors or funds should look out for in 2018 who are open to equity and token investors.

1) BlooCYS

BlooCYS is a revolutionary Uber-like platform for hiring professionals for consultancy services using real-time video.

Customers can find experts at their fingertips while experts can use their skills to earn additional income through freelance opportunities.

Built using the new model of decentralisation and tokenisation, BlooCYS’s real-time video capability, user verification and review, comprehensive searchable directory of services by experts, blockchain technology for transparency and smart contracts with underlying token gives this platform the potential to revolutionise and optimise the way people access and offer expert services.

Here’s how BlooCYS is ranked on a few ICO listing websites:

TheICOListing: 5/5

ICOBench: 4.7/5

Foundico: 7.9/10





BOOLA is a platform that combines content, commerce, advertising and communications and aims to be the future of social entertainment.
It is taking stardom and fandom to a new level by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and sharing tokenomics.

Also, it has built a platform designed to deliver a variety of content that enables both stars and fans to monetise their work and get rewarded for their effort. The reward mechanism used will favor early adopters and content creators that bring large groups of existing supporters to the BOOLA platform. This will encourage the continuous generation of high-quality content, fueling the platform’s growth.




3) AR Gear

AR Gear is a two-sided AR content marketplace.

It is a marketplace for user generated AR content, AR content editor tools, AR app market, content sharing and leveling system by using CAN’s crypto badge. 

The company is led by Seers Lab.

Seers Lab’s mission is to bring innovations in creating, editing and sharing mobile videos.

Their team consists of experienced and passionate professionals gathered to solve the pain-points of producing and sharing daily videos via mobile devices and they are available on some LG smartphones as a native feature.

Besides this solution, they are also running their own application called Lolli Cam.



4) CAN Protocol

Community Alliance Network (CAN) is building a blockchain eco-system for all communities.

CAN Foundation mission is to make community building much easier to catalyse the flourish of numerous autonomous communities. Leveraging blockchain technology, CAN will elevate the efficiency and reliability of community collaborations to the point where these autonomous communities will be able to replace the functions of traditional organisations.




NHCT, also known as Nano HealthCare Token, is a blockchain based healthcare ecosystem which aims to introduce the concept of “Total Health.”

NHCT is a total health management platform that is built on the philosophy of preventive rather than reactive medical care. It uses blockchain to counter the systemic issues that plague healthcare today like high costs, data fragmentation and data security.

Here’s how NHCT is ranked on a few ICO listing websites:

ICObench: 4.7/5

ICOBAY: 4.97/5

ICOmarks: 9.0/10

CryptoNext: 8.0/10

TrackICO: 4.6/5

Foundico: 8.6/10

CryptoPotato: 7.37/10

FoxICO: 9.4/10



6) REDi

REDi, also known as REDi Infranet, is a blockchain-based data marketplace for the global renewable energy industry. The REDi Infranet will empower various renewable energy producers, consumers and industry experts to consolidate, verify and distribute data in the search for improved productivity and efficiency of this industry.

REDi’s ranking on ICOBench: 4.1

REDi’s first private sale has just begun. They are also open to equity deals as well.




7) Mobu

MOBU is a decentralised platform and end-to-end solution for ICOs to launch compliant security tokens on the blockchain.

As an organised ICO platform, MOBU offers a complete blockchain solution to expand the horizons and solve the problems of cryptocurrency developers who are hesitant and unsure about all the procedures required when offering security tokens to the cryptocurrency community.

Here’s how Mobu is ranked on a few ICO listing websites:

ICOmarks: 8.7/10

ICO Rating: High

ICOBench: 4.5/5

Foundico: 8.7/10

TrackICO: 4.3/5

ICO Link: 4.8/5

ICOBliss: 4.57/5




8) Tune Token

Tune Token is a decentralised music production marketplace.

It is also a software development and management company primarily focused on creating blockchain based technology, smart contract designs and digital tokenised applications.

Tune aims to solve digital songwriter rights and royalty transparency issues for the music industry.

In addition, one of their advisors is William James Adams Jr., also known professionally as, one of the founding members of the Black Eyed Peas.

He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, DJ, record producer, actor and a philanthropist.



9) CoinTronix

Cointronix seeks to be a fully regulated security exchange in Asia and in the US.

The dual listing in an exchange in Asia and the US will serve to increase the company’s global brand and promote greater liquidity through broader global investor interest for the company’s security tokens as both listed security tokens will be fungible with each other.

Unlike traditional securities exchanges, Cointronix makes it much easier and cheaper for investors and traders to become a member of the exchange that will allow investors to access the securities market directly and help reduce or eliminate the brokerage cost.



10) GigECoin

GigEcoin has created the Gig Economy Platform using blockchain technology in order to handle the problems faced in the Gig Economy sector, where temporary and flexible jobs are commonly available, while also improving how the industry works.

This platform is essentially an autonomous, decentralised staffing platform with its own crypto asset coin and terminal that has zero transactions fees and a capacity to immediately exchange coins to fiat.

Its features include settlements being completed immediately, lower fees, enhanced privacy, prevention of identity theft, easier access to an exchange, decentralisation, increased safety and scalability.







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