The Deal Makers Post-Event Interview With GigEcoin

OkayKrypto: What does your company do?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin):

We are GigEcoin of The Gig Economy Platform with a focus on:

(i) outsourcing jobs

(ii) tax filling and

(iii) digital payments

OkayKrypto: What got you into the blockchain space and how long have you been in this industry?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin): As a Product Developer looking at the urgent need for solutions to problems that the likes of Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Deliveroo and have failed to solve surrounding the employment rights of workers such as sick pay, contribution to pension, holiday pay and guaranteed jobs that have led the likes of Amazon, The Coca-Cola Company, GlaxoSmithKline and others to face or pay fines worth a billion dollars, we know that a deep research of blockchain held the solutions needed in those cases. I have been in the blockchain space for about 3 years now.

OkayKrypto: Who is your main target market and which market sector do you serve?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin): The GigEcoin’s target market is labor, goods and services. We serve the technological “easy to adopt and use” market sector.

OkayKrypto: What’s your unique selling point or differentiator?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin): Our USP lays in the capacity to break borders and geographically connect candidates to clients, process payments and file tax payable to ledger with just a few clicks.

OkayKrypto: How does your company intend to disrupt the space/industry you are in?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin): GigEcoin intends to use innovation in new technology as early use case adopters of distributed ledger to solve issues regarding low-pay, increased income, inequality, lack of benefits, unpredictable performance, broken contracts, reduce class action law cases and fines even where the law is yet to be effective.

OkayKrypto: How does your company stand out from its competitors?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin): Our in-depth research into the Gig Economy problem solution covers all technical briefs in both increased reliance and alternative efficient work arrangements with reduced costs.

OkayKrypto: What are the major benefits users can obtain and what’s the end result you hope to achieve?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin):

GigEcoin aims to:

(i) Reduce costs

(ii) Simplify repetitive tasks

(iii) Proof stamp transparency

(iiii) Reduce the use of enforcement by law.

We aim to create more profit for both candidates and clients.

OkayKrypto: Currently, the crypto market is bearish. What do you think is the outlook for the market in 2019?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin): Our view for the crypto space in 2019 is of high enterprise use particularly cryptos with innovate ideas based on distributed ledger based technology. This is just the beginning.

OkayKrypto: We know that you’re in the midst of raising funds for your ICO right now. What kinds of investors are you looking for?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin): The GigEcoin project is very interested in enterprise and institutional investors. It’s clear that there are areas that need improvement if the outsourcing or Gig Economy is going to continue to be a reliable source of alternative work arrangements for enterprises which is very evident to be the case.

OkayKrypto: USD 10K in Bitcoin or USD 10K in your tokens. Which should investors invest in and why?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin):

This investment should be into the GigEcoin for these reasons.

(i) A real use case of technology in a real problem solution (automation of work rather than just payment)

(ii) An encouraging tax protocol

(iii) Benefits to average man in enterprise circulation.

(iv) Early adopters benefit at low entry price

(v) A contribution to the future of work

OkayKrypto: How can people contact you?

Wale Joseph Daramola (GigEcoin):

We are reachable via email and phone.
+44 203-514-8252

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