Telegrowth at “The Deal Makers: Singapore Edition”

Telegrowth will host “The Deal Makers: Singapore Edition” – the First Private Event for Institutional and High Networth Investors.This full day event stands out particularly because the traditional financial institutions will also be involved, many of whom have only recently begun to embrace blockchain technology.

Notable institutions in attendance include Jubilee Capital Management, Tembusu Partners, Midas Partnerships, Arc Capital, Perspectiv Ventures, China Construction Bank, Lumen Capital Investors, Decacorn Capital, Ventures International Group, Tareo Capital Management, Entrepreneur First, Active Capital, Merkle Tree Ventures, LD Capital and Chain Capital.

The theme of the event revolves around blockchain use cases for businesses, and how blockchain technology can disrupt or even reinvent existing businesses. With so many traditional institutions in attendance, it became clear that the end goal of blockchain is now closer than ever to becoming a reality — volume, scale and mainstream adoption, or even to enable business to reinvent themselves.

There will be a diverse mix of participating companies showcasing their products and business plans which includes NHCT, Mobu, BlooCYS, Boola, Tune Token, REDi, AR Gear, CAN Protocol, GigEcoin and Cointronix.

Mr William Koh, CEO of Telegrowth shares his view of the crypto market and how fund raising has evolved.

“Ever since the crypto market has turned bearish since the middle of the year, blockchain tech start-ups and ICO companies have found it difficult to raise funding for their projects. Our private event showcases the best business projects from around the globe with the highest growth opportunities. Most of these projects are looking for cornerstone equity investors with the right market access to bring them to a higher level of growth and to build a bigger market share in 2019.”

Additionally, he also points out the uniqueness of the event.

“I believe this event matches the right projects with the right investors who believe in blockchain and where the future of technology disruptions will be. All these investors are coming in at the right time – at the private equity level. Imagine getting into Uber, AirBnB, Facebook, Google and Apple just when the founders got started. This is where the opportunity is ripe now to invest in these blockchain tech companies. They are truly tech giants of tomorrow in the making.”

Our private event showcases the best business projects, curated from a huge number of applicants by our principal advisor George Han. They are driven by a professional team, positioned in the key markets round the globe with robust scalability and growth opportunities

This event will sum up nicely what Telegrowth aims to be: a key player in the entire blockchain and crypto ecosystem where the stakeholders — Entrepreneurs, Financial Institutions, Private Investors, Enterprises and Regulators — coexist together to foster a collective accelerator for the advancement of innovation using blockchain technology.

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