Smartmatic eyes blockchain tech to secure elections

Photo: EPFL news

Smartmatic Philippines is eyeing the use of blockchain technology in the country’s elections that will allow people to vote online from the comfort of their homes while making the polls even more secure.

Smartmatic Philippines president Jane Coo said the company was able to use its TIVI blockchain technology in Norway in a local plebiscite that led to a record-breaking 85 percent turnout as the voters were allowed to vote online even as polling stations were still put up for those without access to the internet.


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“We’re still studying if this (blockchain technology) would be applicable here in the Philippines. Our system is extremely secure and transparent. Blockchain will make it even more secure and transparent,” Coo said.

Simply put, the blockchain is a digital ledger where transactions, data, and even things of value are shared by a very large network of computers.

Every single change or addition to the data is immediately recorded and synchronized by a large network of computers that makes hacking next to impossible.

The technology is the foundation for the creation of crypto currencies like bitcoin.

The information is not centralized, encrypted individually, and almost impossible to hack since data is decentralized.

She said blockchain allows people to vote online with full trust, confidence and security because the technology relies on a network of computers continuously synchronizing information with each other.

It was not the first time the firm used the technology. In March 2016, Smartmatic-Cybernetica utilized blockchain to implement its voting solution for the Utah Republican party to conduct its Presidential Preference Caucus.

Using such a system in the Philippines could mean less traffic and shorter lines in polling precincts during elections.



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