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Navibration Introduces a Privatized Token Sale

Navibration, formerly known as Navibration S.L is a technological company based in Spain. The company is officially backed by the Spanish government through the use of a patented piece of tech. The firm recently announced its plans to introduce a three stage process token sale (private sale, public pre-sale, and public main sale).


Navibration (AppAdvice)


The private sale has already begun and is one that will see the company accept funding from private investors, at what is by no doubt, one of the most attractive terms of token sale. The company seeks to introduce what is termed as the next-gen navigation system aimed at changing the way global citizens move when visiting unknown destinations.

As it goes about achieving this fete, it will also be seeking to change how people get information about all the places that they visit. One of the most noteworthy parts of the announcement was the fact that the ecosystem, as well as the application that was announced, will be leveraging on the power of blockchain technology.

The firm hopes to achieve this through what it calls the Navibration Experiences. The experiences will comprise of audioguided tours in what is being billed as a first for the social networking platforms in the world. All the content being uploaded to the network will have been created by individual users.


Navibration Experiences (nuriarivaya)

Content Creation

The content creators are expected to be travelers, experts in the cities, reviewers, writers, speakers, and translators. All these people will have a unique place on the platform. Each new tour that is created and uploaded to the platform will be put up for sale, where the sale is to be controlled through the use of smart contracts.

This is designed to help guarantee user engagement, proper user incentives, as well as transparency. Consumers who decide to go ahead and acquire the tours will then be guided from one location to the next through the use of patented navigation system that leverages on vibrations.

At this point, users should start saying goodbye to the idea of using maps, as well as needing an internet connection to travel from one place to another. Consumers should be excited about the launch of the Navibration Experiences, as this is more than an idea. It is something that has already been developed and been patented.

Token Sale Details

A date for the public main sale and pre-sale is yet to be determined. However, the private sale has already started. Venture Capitals and Accredited Investors are being asked to take part in the sale and be a part of something that is bound to change the way people travel. All participants should expect to go through the KYC process.

About The Developers

Navibration is looking to change the way people get to travel and view the world. The company will take the benefits provided by the blockchain infrastructure to come up with an ecosystem that is both transparent and fair. Users should be ready to experience a whole new way of content creation.


Source: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/navibration-ico-navi-token/

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