Meeting the REAL Founders on July 17, 2018

Meeting the REAL Founders on July 17, 2018

Building the Blockchain Ecosystem Together.

During the Meet the REAL Founders event which was held from 1pm to 6pm, OkayKrypto’s media team conducted interviews with CEOs, Managers, Directors and Co-Founders of 4 different up-and-coming companies who also gave speeches to the audience present.


What is BCoin?

BCoin is primarily a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. The company seeks to provide inclusivity to all traders, investors and innovators. Therefore, the ancillary arms are the advisory and educational aspects of the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere. Instead of operating primarily as an exchange, BCoin also has ancillary businesses to assist with the growth of the space.

Why BCoin is better than its competitors…

What makes BCoin unique is that the company has positioned itself from the educational side as well. In terms of the platform’s functionality, BCoin is trying to spearhead the way with its good user interface, ease of access and use. BCoin tries to provide the best user experience it can and offers low trading fees.

BCoin also has a fiat gateway. Instead of having 20-30 exchange accounts where one has to trade in the crypto markets and then, go to a fiat exchange to liquidate, BCoin is able to provide both the entry and exit.

BCoin’s Target Audience

BCoin is a fairly young company and as such, they would like to start from their roots. Their primary target audience are Singaporean consumers and eventually, they will also target the Asia Pacific market.

BCoin’s Contact Information



BCoin can also be reached on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. Further details can be obtained from their website.



What is BikeCoin?

BikeCoin is a decentralised platform and protocol for bike sharing. Bike sharing is a decentralised model whereby the fleet service operator, the bike supplier and the retail service provider are able to operate independently. This model is very different from the current second generation bike sharing which is characterised by large companies that go city by city.

Why BikeCoin is better than its competitors…

In the decentralised model for BikeCoin, bike sharing can begin anywhere. Bikes can be bought and placed in retail locations can they can be rented out either per ride or per day. This decentralised model can also support a P2P model where the owner of a bike puts their own bike for rent.

BikeCoin’s Target Audience

Cities that will most likely uptake this type of bike sharing make up BikeCoin’s primary target audience. Such cities include European bike-friendly cities, North American bike-friendly cities like Portland, Toronto and Boston as well as Asian cities like Singapore because such cities have bike paths on the road and the public is friendlier to the bikes as well.

BikeCoin’s Contact Information





What is Geomain?

Geomain is a global revolution in addressing. For example, when someone is going to a building, they will use an address and addresses tend to be long-form. In an address, one can find the street number, street name, suburb, postal code, country which is a lot of information. Instead of waiting on governments to simplify that process, Geomain is using decentralisation to allow any user on the planet to create their own address in a matter of seconds. Instant addressing will allow everyone to participate in the digital economy with a legitimate address.

Long-form addressing has existed for half a thousand years and it is ripe for a change. Geomain is looking at providing a solution to not just one country, but for the whole world.

Why Geomain is better than its competitors…

Geomain allows users to create their own unique names for their locations which are called Geonames and Geospots. For example, if someone is planning a barbecue party at their home, they can name their home address using their first name or any unique name and tell their guests to just search up that name to know where it is and how to get there down to the last meter.

Like what happened on dot-com, Facebook and Twitter, everyone will want to obtain their primary name on Geomain. As such, you could use names like Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal or even your own birth names or surnames. Most names are still available at present but that will not last long and hybrids involving numbers will start to become common.

Geomain’s Target Audience

Geomain will be targeting its audience on multiple levels. There are many first world problems with addressing. However, this is not an issue in Singapore which has an excellent addressing system with very accurate postal codes. At the same time, postal codes will not help someone to get to the gate of a house or into a building or office or meeting room and there is still a lot of hassle. Geomain helps with accuracy in such instances which will improve productivity.

Hundreds of millions of people in third world emerging countries are unaddressed. As a result, they are unable to participate in the digital economy because in order to participate, one needs an address to qualify for credit or finance or to be a part of the banking system or engage in financial transactions on a mobile phone.

Geomain helps to address that as people can create an address and get it verified on their system. Therefore, Geomain is targeting people from both first world and third world countries as they can provide a more accurate way of addressing.

Geomain’s Contact Information



Geomain’s application is currently available on the App Store and users will receive a free Geoname as long as it is 5 characters or more. Names that are shorter cost between $5-$20 as they fall under the premium Geoname category. The Android version of the application will be released in 3 weeks.



What is W12?

W12 is building a protocol for the creation and execution of smart contracts which is like a protocol and a decentralised oracle network. Any kind of scenario can be programmed in this smart contract and any external data can be placed into it. As such, users do not need to trust any other parties or governments for the creation of these smart contracts. Users will only need to trust the code.

There are many use cases for this protocol. For example, smart contracts can be built to release funds to ICOs only when they hit a milestone. This creates trust and transparency between parties. One can be sure that the project will execute its roadmap which helps to solve many trust issues.

Why W12 is better than its competitors…

There are existing centralised solutions like protected deals that do not use blockchain and as such, there is still an issue of trust between parties. On top of that, companies with these solutions have commission rates of 5%-20%. On the other hand, W12’s solution uses blockchain and can be trusted. Moreover, W12’s transaction fee is only 0.05%. Decentralised Oracle will execute the code which guarantees the satisfaction of all parties involved in the smart contract. As such, W12 offers more protection and is cheaper than existing solutions at present.

W12’s Target Audience

W12 would like to integrate their solution in some main markets. The first target market would be ICO markets so that this solution can be used in smart contracts on other platforms. The second target market would be people who have civil contracts on the Internet. For example, this could be freelancers. The freelance market at present is worth 1.5 trillion. The issue that people who engage freelancers are facing would be a lack of trust about whether freelancers will complete the task that they have paid them to do.

The third target market will be charity markets. Again, transparency and trust will increase by using W12’s solution. Participation rates will also go up. The fourth market is the construction market which is worth 9 trillion. Smart contracts can increase the trust between investors, developers and real estate agents to ensure funds are transferred as milestones are achieved.

W12’s Contact Information



W12 can also be contacted via Facebook and Telegram. More details can be obtained from their website.

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