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KitToken Press Release

On July 20, 2018, the Chief Operating Officer of KitToken Inc Pte Ltd launched the KitToken ICO at the World Blockchain Summit at Marina Bay Sands Resort, Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Mr Amir Mohammed who is the CEO of KitToken unveiled the cloak on its fascinating and impressive business plans and roadmap to make KitToken (abbreviated as KIT) a viable utility cryptocurrency. Mr Amir revealed a cryptocurrency that is an “organic growth and profit-sharing utility”, which will have an impact in the regional market if not the global market.

8 billion KITs will be released into the global cryptocurrency market on July 20, 2018 of which, 3 billion sold during pre-ICO, 2.5 billion airdropped and 2.5 billion was reserved. The 8 billion KITs will be worth USD400 million upon its release on the Coin Market Capitalization.

The CEO emphasizes that KIT will be a utility token used daily by the masses to remit, transact, and trade, whilst gaining from its usage and gradually appreciating its value. KIT is unique and is a safe investment as it will grow in value in proportion to its usage and will yield annual profits over the long run. It will be a cryptocurrency that many would like to own and use.

KIT will be growing in value as the masses utilize it on their daily payments and transactions. KIT will be readily acceptable as its KitPay wallet will have features unseen in other crypto wallets. Its ability to exchange multi currencies and multi-fiat currencies will result in a universal payment receivable gateway for B2B as well as B2C.

The ability of KIT to perform these exciting functions, resulted from the combination of its young dynamic founding members. The mixture of 2 generations will ensure KIT becomes the most accepted utility cryptocurrency in the global market.

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