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HolyTransaction unveils new Social Media Identity

With the first creative campaign “Not a Myth”, HolyTransaction targets the new Crypto-generation with an almost irreverent and fresh concept, while blinking an eye to the old-school Believers.

Today, HolyTransaction launches its first positioning campaign titled “not a Myth”. Using a mix of both digital and off-line media, the campaign stresses the contrast between the reality of today’s crypto-world and what most people think it’s real.

Indeed, with the HT Universal Wallet … it is all very real.

This creative effort is meant to be a first milestone for the development of a stronger and more engaging brand and enterprise. The campaign features a new set of graphic characters who will be used to address the different needs of HolyTransaction presence in the digital world.

Landing Page, DEM, Social Media formats, and a whole set of BTL executions … all gathered together by one concept and idea:

Holy transactions are not a myth anymore.

About HolyTransaction:

HolyTransaction SA was founded in 2015 and since then it provides crypto enthusiast with the most complete and user-friendly platform to store and exchange multiple currencies. Indeed, in its first three years of business HolyTransaction already managed to make 25 of the most popular digital currencies accessible, storable, tradable, and secure for every user in our community; all from one single account.

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