Gemstra At The Insiders’ Edition Participate In Private Investors Event In Singapore

The team at Gemstra attended the Private Investors Event held in Singapore, The Insiders’ Edition, organised by W.B. Fleming, a leading private investors event organiser in Singapore.

Gemstra, one of the top ICO projects in the world, was invited to speak at The Insiders’ Edition on the 27th of August to a group of family offices, accredited private investors, VC funds and crypto funds.

About 40 investors responded and attended this event.

More about Gemstra…

Gemstra, a blockchain-integrated ecosystem which liberates and democratises social selling for the retail economy on a global scale, launched BOUTIQUES marketplace, its first social selling marketplace. This marketplace gives sellers the opportunity to select the brands and products they would like to represent. With 8 brands and 3000 sellers on its marketplace within less than 10 months, Gemstra is looking at a sales margin of over USD $5 million.

BOUTIQUES’ success led to the conception of ASTRA – a blockchain platform that serves as a technology infrastructure solution for retail merchants to easily join the social selling economy.

Seasoned operators with a collective experience of more than 75 years in the consumer industry formed Gemstra. Many co-founders of Gemstra share a history of working together in retail, distribution, wholesale and manufacturing sectors of the consumer industry and they had launched, scaled and sold two hypergrowth consumer internet companies.

In July, Gemstra made an announcement about starting its pre-sales for GMS, the Gemstra Token, which is the default exchange of value for payments and it also offers rewards, gamification, and governance for social selling.

Gemstra’s private sales is open to investors outside of the United States.

Gemstra is interested in working with accredited investors in Asia as well.

At a later date, Gemstra will announce the start of its public sales. A total of 6,400,000,000 GMS tokens are allocated for the sale, with an overall maximum supply of 16,000,000,000 GMS.

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