Etihad Airways to Partner with Crypto Emporium Luxury Store For Travelers’ Payments

Photo: Twitter

In a recent effort to make Bitcoin more available, Crypto Emporiumhas decided to collaborate with Etihad Airways.

Trading and exchanging with Bitcoin has never been a substantial challenge. However, spending it has always been a major issue, especially in the rest of the industry for other goods and services.


Crypto Emporium is known as the first opportunity consumers have had to use cryptocurrency to purchase good. Since Etihad Airways has a reputation for being one of the biggest and most luxurious brands right now, it seems like a prosperous match. A post from Crypto Emporium on Twitter says, “ANNOUNCEMENT: Crypto Emporium is the exclusive #cryptocurrency partner of Etihad Airways. In a deal that will get us in-front of 1.8 million people each month. We’re bringing #crypto to the well-travelled masses.”



Ethihad Airways and Crypto Emporium (Twitter)

Right now, little is known about the actual progress of the partnership, but it is still a good sign of things to come from the industry. With cryptocurrency as an available form of payment for travelers, there is one more way to cover the costs that come with adventure.

With a partnership that involves such big companies, there are few things that consumers can take out of it. However, the company in the driver’s seat of these innovations is easily Etihad, who can decide how their visions will be played out. If they truly decide to start accepting Bitcoin to any capacity, there will be many other industries looking to see what these cryptocurrencies can do for them.



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