Cryptocurrency Industry Seeks to Protect Investors from ICO Fraud

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Specialized cryptocurrency research centers have recently opened one after another to provide analyses of cryptocurrency market conditions and information prepared by analysts who worked at large securities companies and private equity fund firms.

The main goal of the centers is to help individuals understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem from the perspective of an investor, not a speculator. They are intended to protect investors as fraud cases continue to take place amid a regulatory vacuum on initial coin offerings (ICOs).
According to industry sources on July 29, Chain Partners Inc., which is the first blockchain company builder in South Korea, is hiring employees for its own research center. The company is recruiting senior crypto analysts who have more than five years of work experience in the investment banking industry.

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Chain Partners Research Center is led by Han Dae-hoon, a former analyst at SK Securities Co. and Shinhan Investment Corp. The center presented a cryptocurrency index for the first time in Korea and publishes a daily report that analyzes the cryptocurrency market at home and abroad.

The center is preparing to develop an index like the KOSPI 200 that can show the price trend and transaction data of major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is in the same vein that Bloomberg jointly created “Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI)” with Michael Novogratz, who was a legendary figure on the US hedge fund industry. The BGCI is also calculated based on cryptocurrencies that have most market capitalization and transactions, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

In addition, South Korea’s third largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinone, has recently opened its research center and releases a report on cryptocurrency analysis and weekly market conditions. Its main goal is to present a new standard for cryptocurrency analysis.

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Streami Inc., which runs cryptocurrency exchange Gopax that has recently received an ISO/IEC270001 information security certificate from the International Organization for Standardization, is preparing to provide “Cryptopic” that contains key information on cryptocurrency investment.

Streami (streami)

Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance is set to launch “Binance Info” application app and is recruiting pre-users who can test the app before an official release. A Binance official said Binance Info would offer information on about 1,200 coins and industry news.”

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