Carbon Grid Protocol At The Insiders’ Edition Participate In Private Investors Event In Singapore

The team at Carbon Grid Protocol attended the Private Investors Event held in Singapore, The Insiders’ Edition, organised by W.B. Fleming, a leading private investors event organiser in Singapore.

Carbon Grid Protocol, one of the top ICO projects in the world, was invited to speak at The Insiders’ Edition on the 27th of August to a group of family offices, accredited private investors, VC funds and crypto funds.


About 40 investors responded and attended this event.

More about Carbon Grid Protocol…

Carbon Grid Protocol (CGRID) is a complementary protocol layer which allows blockchain networks and DApps to efficiently access carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. Carbon Grid seeks to solve problems in the carbon industry like the lack of transparency, accessibility and centralisation.

It also seeks to support other projects which are fighting climate change. Carbon Grid aims to accelerate buyers’ awareness and adoption of carbon credits through their protocol.

Their team consists of veterans in the energy sector, who are passionate about revolutionising the carbon market and beyond.

Each bitcoin transaction requires the same amount of energy used to power nine homes in the US for a day. Each Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction also emits 60kg and 10kg of carbon dioxide respectively. In comparison, each VISA transaction only emits 0.3grams of carbon dioxide. While Bitcoin and Ethereum have enabled us to perform tasks and create a trust-filled environment.

Carbon Grid Protocol will help to solve this problem by introducing tradeable carbon credits backed by crypto-economic incentives to the blockchain ecosystem.

An ERC-20 utility token, the CGRID token, will launch into the growing pool of AML/KYC whitelisted token sale participants, with one-click access to token sales and it will be utilised as the primary token for CGRID’s smart contract.

The token sale date for CGRID will be announced soon.

Carbon Grid Protocol is also looking for accredited investors in Asia for their Token Sales.


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