Blockchain Invasion Live Interview With Õpet Foundation

On August 25th 2018, the OkayKrypto media team was invited to the Blockchain Invasion Live Event to interview the leaders of 8 blockchain companies.

Here are the insights from our interview with Wilson Wang, the Founder and CEO of Õpet Foundation.

Õpet Foundation

OkayKrypto: Tell us about your company…

Wilson: Õpet Foundation helps students to revise, record and recommend. The 3Rs I just mentioned describes what we do. We aim to build a blockchain solution that keeps high school students’ academic, extracurricular and personality profiles as well as all sorts of records required for tertiary or college applications. Essentially, we are bringing the recommendation technologies seen in Netflix, Spotify and YouTube into education. Most high school students after their matriculation examinations, like the O-levels and A-levels in Singapore, do not know what they want to do and where to apply to. A Chat Bot that collects information about college counselling and college applications will be used to recommend students the best tertiary options out of all the options available out there in the world based on their profiles. 

OkayKrypto: What got you into the blockchain space and how long have you been in this industry?

Wilson: I had been in the corporate finance space for quite sometime. I had spent 10 years as an investment officer before. I was also in another investment conglomerate in China managing their Southeast Asian Investment Department, but of course subsequent to that, I got in touch with the blockchain space. We are now moving from a very old hoarder mindset of scarcity to a new paradigm, which is the decentralised paradigm. Blockchain can create a lot of new ideas and business models, which is essentially what I am very passionate about. That is why I am in this space.



OkayKrypto: What’s your company’s unique selling point or differentiator?

Wilson: With digital chat bots, there are so many chat bots out there. And, with blockchain projects, there are so many other blockchain projects out there. However, this is the application that merges so many ideas together. Our prototype is very exciting because the network effects are embedded in many blockchain ideas. Right now, I am bringing a whole new set of students into blockchain and this ecosystem. That is when network effects can take off, and this is our unique selling point.

OkayKrypto: What are the major benefits users can obtain and what’s the end result you hope to achieve?

Wilson: One of the driving forces behind our project is our galvanising vision and how we can ensure an equality of opportunities for students through applying disruptive technologies into education. If students know about more options, instead of only just those few limited community college or local options, their minds will expand. They will find ways to apply and get into those Universities or new tertiary colleges. We want to make sure students are no longer limited by their options and instead, have easy access to more options that suit them better. Basically, this is what Õpet Foundation is all about.

OkayKrypto: Who is your main target market and which market sector do you serve?

Wilson: Our main target audience is high school students on a global scale. However, we always start off with curricula that we know more about which would be the GCSE examinations like the O-levels and A-levels and so, we’re starting off with the UK first. We have also partnered with international schools in India and they will be our next target market as well as any other country who would like to partner with us.

OkayKrypto: We know right now that you’re in the midst of raising funds for your ICO. What kinds of investors are you looking for?

Wilson: Long term investors because I sense that this is a very short-term oriented industry. I have been in the investment space for quite some time, of course with capital market experience and I understand that momentum makes sense. But time is needed for decentralised applications to be deployed and for the users to come on board to use the tokens in the ecosystem.

OkayKrypto: If investors are interested to invest in your ICO, how can they reach you?


Email: /

Telegram: @Opetfoundationgroup

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