Blockchain Invasion Live Interview With Gamedex

On August 25th 2018, the OkayKrypto media team was invited to the Blockchain Invasion Live Event to interview the leaders of 8 blockchain companies.

Here are the insights from our interview with the Co-Founder and CTO of Gamedex, Cameron Garvie and the Co-Founder and COO of Gamedex, Chris Porter.


OkayKrypto: Tell us about your company…

Cameron and Chris: We are building a platform like Steam for digital collectible card games; games like Hearthstone, Pokémon and FIFA. You can collect the cards and you can trade them just like you used to be able to trade physical cards. Because of blockchain, they are incredibly rare and you can truly own them.

OkayKrypto: What got you into the blockchain space and how long have you been in this industry?

Cameron and Chris: I bought Bitcoin back in 2010 and I’ve always been interested in it for a lot of philosophical and ideological reasons. I have also been a programmer my entire life and I have been very into technology. So I’ve always been interested in that way. We have three co-founders and the third one is the one that’s most into gaming and he came up with the idea because he was very much into collectible sports cards. The idea was actually his brother’s and we all came together and decided to work on it.

OkayKrypto: What’s your company’s unique selling point or differentiator?

Cameron and Chris: So there’s about 20 different companies right now trying to build blockchain powered games with collectibles like digital assets you can trade and use in the game and all of them are just building one game. However, none of them are trying to build a platform for all the games together or an exchange to trade your items. So we’re not really building games ourselves. We’re raising money to help fund other people to create games. We’re just building the platform. There are very few projects out there that are doing that. We are essentially applying blockchain to an industry that is already really huge. Digital collectible card games is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and it makes a lot of sense to incorporate blockchain into that. It is the simplest way you can truly own your cards. Right now, gamers spend $400 million on these cards, but they don’t own them.


OkayKrypto: What are the major benefits users can obtain and what’s the end result you hope to achieve?

Cameron and Chris: So we are building a platform where you can find and play games and an exchange where you can trade digital collectibles. That’s basically our core product. But I think one of our long-term goals is to just help increase the adoption of blockchain. With our project, one thing that’s kind of interesting and different about it is that people that use it don’t have to really understand what blockchain is running on or how blockchain even works. Most of our target customers are actually teenagers and they are more interested in the gaming aspect than the blockchain aspect. It is an absolutely massive market and it’s that idea of merging blockchain with gaming where we see the ability for blockchain to hit a mainstream audience who might not even know what they are using, but at the same time, are getting the benefits of blockchain.

OkayKrypto: Who is your main target market and which market sector do you serve?

Cameron and Chris: We are mainly focusing on the digital collectible card game market which kind of covers a large demographic. On one hand, collectible card games are quite casual. People can play it for five or ten minutes on their commute, but at the same time there is a huge element where you can go deep and build characters. 

OkayKrypto: We know right now that you’re in the midst of raising funds for your ICO. What kinds of investors are you looking for?

Cameron and Chris: We have not started our private sales yet but we are looking for investors with a long term vision and who really agree with our thesis that in-game items and virtual goods are a great application of blockchain technology.

OkayKrypto: If investors are interested to invest in your ICO, how can they reach you?



Telegram :@officialgamedex

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