Blockchain Invasion Live Interview With CrowdVilla

On August 25th 2018, the OkayKrypto media team was invited to the Blockchain Invasion Live Event to interview the leaders of 8 blockchain companies.

Here are the insights from our interview with Darvin Kurniawan, the CEO and Co-Founder of CrowdVilla.


OkayKrypto: Tell us about your company…

Darvin: CrowdVilla combines blockchain technology and real estate tokenisation to provide attractive key features to its community and users.

OkayKrypto: What got you into the blockchain space and how long have you been in this industry?

Darvin: We have been in the blockchain industry since the beginning, which is about three years ago (around the period Ethereum first began). Since then, we had realised that there are a lot of things that can be done, especially in the real estate space which is really archaic and traditional. We wanted to modernise it while of course, still adhering to the current regulations in place concerning real estate and securities. So, we came up with this new model.



OkayKrypto: What’s your company’s unique selling point or differentiator?

Darvin: Well, we are creating a pool of assets, portfolio or real estate where the owners of the pool are all of us – the community members. By doing that, we will be able to cut down the costs needed to utilise the real estate. In essence, if you travel for a holiday and are used to paying a lot of money, you will be paying much less through this model. That is what we want to deliver.

OkayKrypto: What are the major benefits users can obtain and what’s the end result you hope to achieve?

Darvin: When people want to travel for a holiday, this is an alternative that they can use to book holiday villas or hotels. And with this platform, every cost will be lowered. This is the main differentiating factor that we want to tell people – that things can be cheaper if we do it together.

OkayKrypto: Who is your main target market and which market sector do you serve?

Darvin: When we begin our token sales and when we build our project, we get the most support from the crypto community because these are the people who understand crypto. But when we go live, we do not just have to target the crypto space. We can actually target the mass market because most people travel. Most people go on holidays and what they care about when they travel is being booked into a hotel or apartment of good quality with lower prices and we will be able to deliver that. So yeah, our main target market includes everyone who goes on vacations.

OkayKrypto: We know right now that you’re in the midst of raising funds for your ICO. What kind of investors are you looking for?

Darvin: Right now, the token sale is open to crypto users who understand the needs of owning properties as communities together. But at the same time, this token sale is also open to current real estate owners who want to contribute their properties into the ecosystem. So, we are not just targetting the crypto space. We are also targetting the real estate owners out there to own properties especially holiday properties so that we can bring them into the ecosystem.

OkayKrypto: If investors are interested to invest in your ICO, how can they reach you?


Telegram: @reidao


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