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MovieCoin Has Just Launched To Create An Interactive Experience For The Fan Base

On 26th June MovieCoin which is in Vancouver, British Colombia, a company that has been considered to be the leading next generation in the financial technology that has been designed to leverage on the blockchain technology plus the cryptographic tokens. It was established so that it could go ahead and revolutionize the entertainment and film industry, they have just announced that they are preparing on launching the platform.


MovieCoin (The Wrap)


It has been considered to be the very first of its kind; the platform has been designed to be mobile friendly in order to create a more engaging experience for the various fans in the market. As a result, they have ensured that the portal will be available to be used in the fall.

It has been found that approximately 250 million different individual users found across the globe tend to purchase an average of one billion of tickets that they use in attending movies each given year. And this number keeps growing even as the new distribution models keep emerging.

Let us take an example of the social media channels that have been made available plus the requiring events such as fan meetups or the film festivals that exist; they tend to be limited and at times expensive for most to attend.

As there has been a growing need to have some online presence that will be able to encourage great engagement, the platform will be able to provide the various fans, actors, directors and also crew members an economic plus dedicated venue that will be able to democratize the ability to share easily, engage, learn, play and much more.


Christopher Woodrow, Chairman and CEO at MovieCoin (TechBullion)


What To Expect From The

The platform will ensure to provide their fans with access to various features; these are just some of what you should look forward to.

  • The MovieCoin platform will ensure there is efficient purchasing with the use of the tokens. The has gone ahead to create a new type of economy based proprietary token that will be able to allow the various users to purchase premium services easily.
  • There will be some discounted movie tickets for the MovieCoin community, and all this will be underpinned by multiple strategic partnerships with the major theatre chains in the market.
  • The company is also planning on having private events, contests and even some unique shopping and auctions taking place.
  • The company will have a film database and also a section for the user reviews. It will be a dedicated resource that will enable the members to look up figures and facts in their favorite movies.


A Little About The MovieCoin

MovieCoin has been considered to be the next generation in the financial technology company that has been designed to focus on leveraging the current blockchain technology. But this is not all as they are also looking into taking advantage of the cryptographic tokens and proprietary applications in order to become a leading entertainment platform for both the consumers and businesses in the market. And this is not all as the standard currency will be able to fund the motion pictures plus other media and television.

The MovieCoin platform has been designed to ensure it is offering programmatic ownership that contains film entertainment assets to the financial investors who are seeking some institutionalized exposure to the premium content.



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