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ACO (Accredited Coin Offering) is Live and Exceeding Expectations – a New Paradigm in the World of Crypto Coin Offerings

ACO build strong accreditation alliance and announce the first successful use case

Malaysia, June 14, 2018 – Launching and investing in ICOs has been a rocky road full of risks for all parties involved. All that could be changed with the launch of the revolutionary ACO Platform. ACO, Accredited Coin Offering is a new framework for ICOs that reduces risk for both token issuers and investors through accreditation, ensuring successful fundraising.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson made these comments: “The Accredited Coin Offering Platform will be the first market-regulated crypto fundraising platform available. Major institutional banking and insurance companies will be affiliated with the ACO Platform.” He goes on to say: “The platform will provide an end-to-end process for creating ICOs on an easy to use platform. ACOs will enjoy access to underwriting services, while investors will be able to access projects approved by professional institutions.”

Recently, ACO Platform Foundation announced partnership with Macallan Capital Group and ARL International limited as first members of Accreditation Service Provider (ASP) Alliance. The ASP will execute
crucial accrediting process both to audit investors and business owners.

Their mission is to process due diligence, provide credit rating, and set up milestones for fundraisers so that investors can rest assured that the projects they invest in have passed professional screening. Investors on ACO Platform will receive insurance coverage from our underwriting partners and in turn will protect their investment.

“Macallan as VC is very excited about the impact of blockchain crypto-funding platform such as ACO. This is the future and we believe this accreditation alliance will benefit VC and investors in the long run.” said Mr. Aditya Bhugtiar, Group Managing Director of Macallan Capital.

ARL will be collaborating with ACO team on technical details in developing the platform from a risk management perspective. “This partnership will enable us to deliver the first of its kind underwriting service and workflow functionality for ACO platform”, said Richard Goh Ah Hong, the ARL Group’s Chairman.

First Use Case of Accreditation Coin Offering (ACO)

IDHub, a nonprofit foundation that developed digital identity for unbankable people, also announced its partnership with the ACO Platform Foundation. Through this strategic partnership, ACO review and accredit the status of IDHub. Once IDHub meets the standards required, ACO will guarantee IDHub by insurance and facilitate the process of listing on exchange house.

IDHub is the first use case to go through the accreditation process of ACO. It is a tremendous milestone since ACO and IDHub are both foundations committed to leveraging blockchain technology in the social good sector.

“I am particularly interested in the technical stack of ACO.” said Kenneth Chen, the CTO of IDHub. “IDHub and ACO have a shared vision. We both want to help unbankable people. The accreditation process could also protect the rights of IDHub investors. I am looking forward to the fruitful results of the partnership.” said Don Hsieh, the core developer of IDHub.

ACO Platform Foundation is actively building ASP alliance and recruiting crypto fundraising projects starting in Asia market. It has attracted both Private and Institutional Investors. Early adopters stand to make the best return on their investment due to the Pre-Sale Discounts. With more and more partners on board, the future of accredited coin offering is very positive. A complete discussion about the ACO Platform can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

About ACO Platform Foundation:

Founded in 2018, the ACO Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of the ICO ecosystem through the Accredited Coin Offering(ACO) Platform. The ACO platform is an end-to-end token sale platform with government backing that allows startups to create token sales in a regulation-friendly environment, and with institutional bank backing.

For complete in formation about this revolutionary Crypto Platform, visit:

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